Testing Facilities

Flexatherm is very rigorous about quality standards of its products. It has developed many testing fixtures to test the performance of the design produced on its software. It is also backed by third party testing agencies for various specific and critical tests.
Periodic calibration of all types of gauges and processes has become a working culture in Flexatherm.

Testing facilities available at our works includes:

  • Inbuilt quality right from bottom most stage of design and manufacturing.
  • The concept of quality manufactured than quality inspected by the team of qualified, quality-oriented engineers and work force.
  • Tests like cycle life squirm, yield rupture are conducted on specific requirement  by in house facility.
  • Every Bellow is subjected to stringent internal tests, per full proof quality control methods.
  • Correlation testing carried out on bellow for comparative results from design data to final end product.
  • Periodical R&D on manufacturing process ensures high precision bellow manufactured at Flexatherm.
  • In-house CAD based design and drawing documentation stress on high quality designs conforming to EJMA’s latest edition and relevant international codes and standards.
  • The results are verified at all levels with actual prototype testing such as movement test, spring rate test, squirm test, Burts test, life cycle test, pressure test, etc. on various sizes.
  • All bellows and expansion joints are subjected to various stringent in-process inspection stages such as control material, welding procedure, non-destructive testing of weld joint, dimensional inspection, pressure testing movement tests etc.